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    Dropshipping is an excellent way of creating passive income by selling items on eBay without holding any inventory. You will learn how to sell items on eBay and only purchase that item once your buyer has paid. Even better, the software used, actually does all the hard work for you by placing the orders and shipping the sold items to your buyer.

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    You will begin by learning the basics and begin to understand the terminology used within Forex. We will teach you how to read price action charts and a variety of technical analysis techniques that you can later apply to take your own trades. In addition to this, you will also learn how to manage risk to ensure that protecting your balance is at the forefront of each position that you open.

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    We will teach you about the basics of the stock market and how investing can prove to be very profitable. Our course gives you a deep dive into the wonder that is compound interest, as well as utilising the Dollar Cost Averaging method, which simply is a way in which people can create future wealth from investing small amounts (from £45) on a regular basis.

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    Teaching you the basic terminology that you’ll need to understand as you continue to learn. By the end of our crypto course, you will have the knowledge and understanding required to make an educated decision should you wish to invest in the crypto market.  You will also understand crypto cycles, what crypto investments are for you, as well as appropriately managing your risk.  With the help and support of our community members.

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    network marketing

    Our mission is to provide members with an opportunity to get free education. Knowledge and education are key components on the journey to freedom. Our network marketing starter pack will teach you how to start earning commission on direct referrals and in turn, once you sign up 5 people to your network, you have then earned enough monthly commission to cover your Platinum University membership.

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    Airbnb is a particular business model where you will learn about the basics, from what Airbnb offers exactly to getting an insight into how much money you can actually make. You will learn how you can manage your Airbnb business remotely from anywhere in the world and how to manage any issues you may face along the way.

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    It’s a common assumption for people that have never practised mindset to think that it’s just for hippies. This is not the case. Our mindset content is easy to follow, enjoyable and honest. It will encourage you to think about yourself, your daily routine and your habits, and how you can make slight adjustments to your day-to-day life to become a better version of yourself.  It will give you an overwhelming sense of empowerment and the mindset upgrades that you need to get the life that you want.

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    onboarding webinar

    Each week we run an onboarding webinar for new members to join, hosted by our Head of Customer Operations, Cherelle Kerr.

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    We have the pleasure to team up with some of the leading experts in online business. As a member, you will have the opportunity to book 1-2-1 slots with some of them. These are a huge hit with members because they get incredible value from each session, as the 1-on-1 time helps them gain clarity on their unique circumstances. We're confident that you will benefit from them tremendously too.

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    At Platinum University, the community is at the heart of everything that we do. Our community means everything to us and is the pillar to the ever growing success of our members. We have an impressive community of like-minded people brought together on our Discord platform and with over 50 individual channels of support, help is never far away.

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    You will attend exciting webinars that showcase the brilliance of our experts and keynote speakers.

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    We regularly bring celebrity keynote speakers into our community. Most recently we hosted the likes of Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street) who delivered his world-renowned sales webinar and the world famous boxer Ricky Hatton who spoke about overcoming addictions and the mindset of a champion. Apply what you learn and become even more successful in the future.

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    Buddy Programme

    As a member, if you require a little extra support or prefer to ask questions one on one you can enter our Buddy Programme and be paired with a Buddy that has the skill set to best suit your needs. We have the most fantastic pool of Buddies available who are some of our most successful members, that are hand-selected to ensure that you are in good hands.

The real-life school of mindset, online
business, and financial independence

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    1. Choose membership

    Sign up and gain instant access to our comprehensive range of foolproof courses.

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    2. Join Our Community

    Join like-minded entrepreneurs on the same journey. Come in, say hello and get support from our team, experts and top earners from day one.

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    3. Get Stuck In

    Join one of our weekly onboarding webinars that tell you exactly what to do to fast track your way to freedom.

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    4. Level Up

    We help you set goals to apply your learning and even provide one-to-one support. Before you know it, your end goals will be in sight and you’ll be financially free.

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The Platinum Podcast

kick back, listen, learn.

The Platinum Podcast is dedicated to inspiring those who want to achieve the freedom to do what they want, when they want, wherever they want. Joe Moore, Founder of Platinum University takes on a variety of guests and finds out the traits of their success. Joe breaks down various topics and canvasses the challenges that each individual has faced on their journey. A podcast not to be missed.

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    Life changing

    Literally one of the best decisions I ever made was join PU. The community is great and everyone is full of motivation and positive vibes. If you're looking to escape the 9-5 this is the way forward. Instead of trying to do it alone, join PU and do it with like minded people.

    - Adam Cunninghamm
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    Unbelievable value!

    Have gained 4 new income streams in the last 5 months thanks to platinum university, all of them making me great profit. Can't thank the team enough for what they are doing for people, genuinely helping people change their lives for the future! UK lockdowns have been really tough but the amazing community of people and amount learning to get stuck into has really helped me focus on new goals and create online income streams. Get joined up before the prices go up!

    - Danny Wareing
  • review

    what a team

    One of the best decisions I have made. Introduced to such a friendly and helping community and learning new things everyday!

    - Finley Jarvis
  • review

    Best decision I ever made

    Great people, excellent community & amazing knowledge and insight. From mindset, learning materials, crypto, forex and stocks and some best guests in the game. PU has it all. I can’t wait to see what the future brings. I Have loved every minute of this journey with platinum university so far. Member for life.

    - Alex Wilkes
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    Been involved with the platinum group for a few years, best thing I ever done, not just for knowledge but meeting similar minded people who want to achieve more, made some friends for life and skills to have a good life too.

    - Jono C
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    Game changer!!!

    This platform is honestly life changing. A community of like minded individuals driven to bettering themselves and building long term sustainable wealth. No other platform will give you the tools needed to successfully build multiple passive income streams ! Worth absolutely every penny and should actually cost a lot more! The value is second to none !

    - Ryan
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    What a community

    The platform James, Joe and Lewis alongside the rest of the Platinum team is absolutely next level. For the price you pay, the content is unreal., access to industry leading mentors, stock and forex advice, e-commerce, crypto and that's without mentioning the community groups where in a few months I have made friends that will be there for life. Can't thank the boys for everything they are putting into the platform, the future is looking very bright with Platinum University in my life for sure.

    - Rachel Black
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    A Fountain Of Knowledge.

    If anyone is reading this and they're on the fence on whether to join or not then would strongly recommend joining. I was on the fence and since joining I haven't looked back - the knowledge taught and shared within the group is totally invaluable and completely changes your perspective on life (well it certainly has with me). Putting that aside though, the community within PU alone is worth the monthly fee - everyone is so positive and supportive. Without doubt the best £30 I spend each month!

    - Alex Benjamin
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    Nothing like this about

    I have been working and taking guidance of the owners of Platinum Univeristy for 9 months and joined Platinum when it was first launched. I have created 5/6 new income streams and 10x my knowledge in that time! Couldn’t recommend PU anymore, best decision I made during a pandemic to take control of my own future.

    - Alex Hill
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    I'm happier, healthier and wealthier - just join!

    The value this university gives is hard to put into words. It teaches you so many things about the world, money, business, mindset and so much more. I would say you can make your annual subscription back within weeks. Multiple income streams that can be done from your laptop or phone - literally anywhere. Support groups, new friends and experienced mentors. The help and positive support is mind blowing, your never alone! It has set me on a different path this year - I'm a lifetime member for sure and I'm going to be a much wealthier one because of it.

    - Hannah James

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  • Basic Stocks Course
  • Weekly Stock Market updates
  • Basic Forex Course
  • Advanced Forex Course
  • Weekly Forex Market updates
  • Basic Crypto Course
  • Weekly Crypto Market updates
  • Dropshipping Video Course
  • Monthly Dropshipping Webinar + Q&A
  • Basic AirBnb Course
  • Network Marketing Starter Pack
  • Mindset Video Course
  • Self Development/Entrepreneurship Masterclasses
  • Weekly Book Review Videos
  • Quarterly Celebrity Keynote Speaker Webinars
  • Huge monthly & annual giveaways
  • Live Onboarding Webinar + Q&A
  • Access to expert mentors within the community
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The real life school of Mindset,
Online Business &
Financial Independence

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